Value Proposition

WearSense Value Proposition

Davies WearSense is a wireless plug and play liner monitoring system, that enables real time condition based wear management and intelligence that improves productivity, safety and profitability.

Reduces Maintenance Downtime

Provides real time forecast of wear and expected liner change-out timing
Provides detailed information on problem areas which could cause shut delays or breakdowns
Enables accurate planning of shut downs for wear liner maintenance

Reduces Labour Costs

Enables more accurate planning of wear liner maintenance shut down labour
Reduces labour costs for interim shuts to do wear plate inspection

Reduces Inventory Costs

Enables accurate ordering of wear liners required for each liner maintenance shut

Improves Safety

Reduced time exposure in confined space, hot works or working at height

Applicable to all Wear liner materials (Q&T, CCO, castings & ceramics) and independent of attachment system.


WearSense and WearPlate Systems combined Value Proposition